Westchester County Darter's Association

We are a recreational dart league in Southern Westchester County, New York.


Fall/Winter 2018-19 Season Registration

Registration for the upcoming season is currently open!

We have teams looking for players, so please contact us if you would like to be placed on a team. Please include email addresses for all players that have not previously played in the league.


We use DartConnect to score league matches and track stats. If you need help getting started, a printer-friendly version of our DartConnect Cheat Sheet is available here.

All captains should have received a welcome email from DartConnect to access the members website and the DartConnect application. If not, please let me know ASAP so I can have DartConnect resend the welcome email. Please sign in sometime before the first match of the season to make sure you have access. Once you're signed in, please verify the accuracy of your rosters (names and email addresses) and let us know ASAP of any changes need to be made. As a reminder, any roster changes will only flow through to the DartConnect application when the tablet is connected to wi-fi and can access the Internet.

As a reminder, all scoring must be done within the DartConnect application. There is no need to use any other device (e.g. DartMaster III, whiteboard, chalkboard, etc). Any individual player stats not captured by DartConnect will not count (e.g. wins-losses, averages, high all-stars, etc).

Here are a couple helpful hints regarding the tablets and DartConnect application:

  • Be sure to have the tablets connected to wi-fi whenever possible so that the match will broadcast live at tv.dartconnect.com and the final results will automatically transmit to the server after the end of the match. An automated email from DartConnect with the match report is your confirmation that the transmission was successful.
  • The league recommends having the power cable plugged into the tablets during matches to avoid "dead tablets" mid-match as the battery life on the league-issued tablets is limited.

Rules Book

Click here to download the league rules book (last updated September 6, 2017).

Spring-Summer 2018 League Champions

Division 1 - Stephen's Green (Chris)
Division 2 - Stephen's Green (Bryant)
Division 3 - Elk's Lodge (Steve)
Division 4 - The Irish Bank (Frank)

Spring-Summer 2018 Player Stats

Spring-Summer 2018 High All-Stars


  • Anthony Belloise Sr. 180
  • Jack Burke, 180
  • Tony Casone, 180
  • Rob Cimmino, 180
  • Jason Combest, 180
  • Nicole Dalbo, 180
  • Mike DeVivo, 180
  • Rob Dwinall, 180
  • Sal Fiumefreddo, 180
  • Mikey Krasnow, 180
  • Frank McDonald Jr, 180
  • Keith Melnik, 180
  • Chris Parise, 180
  • Mike Pereira, 180
  • Chad Spaeth, 180
  • Young Suh, 180
  • Steve Whalen, 180
  • Chris Wuestenhoefer, 180 2x
  • Danny Vieira, 180
  • Peter Vitolo, 180
  • Mario Marcellino, 171
  • Chris Martin, 171
  • Meghan Mashel, 171
  • Ike Mazzullo, 171
  • Jasen Spagnola, 171


  • AJ Cach
  • Bryant Cassie
  • Greg Delmonico
  • Nick DeMayo
  • Rob Gensior
  • Andrew Hofgartner
  • Al Keenan
  • Scott Licciardi
  • Joe Noschese, x2
  • John Scollo
  • Phillip Solazzo
  • Andre Stokes Jr.

High Double Out (100+)

  • Jack Burke, 153
  • Jose Rodriguez, 126
  • Vinny Digeso, 119
  • Jennifer Dwinall, 116
  • Chad Letscher, 115
  • Joe Re, 111
  • Greg Delmonico, 104
  • Keith Piersall, 103
  • Phillip Solazzo, 102
  • Phil Forgione, 100
  • Max Spaeth, 100

Contact Us

Would you like to sponsor or join a team? Send us an email at info@wcdarts.com.


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